Develop Reading – Phonics Fun! Level 2

Play continues as the medium for this second level class, designed for children who are already able to read simple three letter words.

Updated September 27, 2022


The class focuses on further development of their reading skills and provides the platform upon which the children can then build more advanced skills.

This reading class picks up from where the children ended with Phonics Fun! Level 1. By now, the children know all of the phonic sounds and are able to read short, three-letter words. Most of the children are also either beginning to or are able to read short sentences and stories.

We continue to play word games in class to build the children’s reading skills and enjoyment.

The children are now introduced to more complex reading patterns in their weekly reading books, with longer words containing complex consonant and vowel digraphs, and of course silent magic e. These are short, humorous stories that include phonics words the children can easily sound out and “tricky” words that the children need to learn by sight.

The stories are designed to systematically develop the children’s reading levels, as well as their skills for learning how to learn new words. Accompanying each of the story books that the children read, is a reading comprehension task. This allows us to be sure each child has fully understood the text that they have read and is benefitting fully from their reading experience. The programme also provides an important groundwork for spelling.


Phonics Fun! Level 2 is a year-long programme.                           

Where possible, it is recommended to start in the Autumn Term/ Term 1.

For children who can not yet read we recommend Start Reading – Phonics Fun! Level 1



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