Start Reading – Phonics Fun! Level 1

This beginners’ reading class is for young children just starting to explore the world of reading.

Updated September 5, 2023


These play-based classes teach early reading to English-speaking, pre-school children. There is no need to wait until they are older and many good reasons to start young!

Children learn the phonic sounds of the alphabet and also how letters work together to make words! They start identifying beginning, middle and end sounds in words, recognising written letters and reading short words and sentences.

We follow the phonic-based methodology of Sidney Ledson – a brilliant Canadian early childhood reading expert. Using this approach, the children learn to read short words at the same time they are learning the alphabet phonic sounds. To our knowledge, this is the only early reading programme that teaches young children to read simple words at the same time they are learning the phonic alphabet sounds.

We use the Letterland characters as a fun way to learn the phonic alphabet. The kids love the Letterland stories and the names of the characters start with the same letter sound they are learning, which really helps the children learn the sounds. We also incorporate elements from Jolly Phonics to reinforce what the children are learning.

After registration, important information is sent out about helpful related books and materials. If possible, it is important to attend all of the first six classes.


Phonics Fun! Level 1 is a year-long programme.                         

Where possible, it is recommended to start in the Autumn Term/ Term 1.

For children who have started simple reading and writing we recommend Develop Reading – Phonics Fun! Level 2


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